PRIMED’s COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a challenging time for all. From wearing face masks in public to completely altering the way businesses operate, no individual or industry has been untouched by the effects of COVID-19.

In the world of medical personal protective equipment (PPE) we’ve faced supply chain interruptions at the same time as rising demand for our products, resulting in strain on our staff and a number of changes to our business practices. Despite these obstacles, our people have risen to the challenge and continue to bring their best work to the table day in and day out as we act on our mission to protect people from harmful substances and infectious disease.

As an independently-owned, Edmonton-based PPE manufacturer, we are proud to have played a critical role in maintaining a functioning stock of vitally important medical PPE throughout Canada.

First and foremost, we put procedures in place to protect our staff. We quickly secured our factories in China and our headquarters in Canada, implemented employee temperature checks, internal physical distancing measures and staggered lunch breaks. Not one employee at any PRIMED location has contracted the virus.

Our safety practices have allowed us to maintain operations and quickly expand manufacturing capacity in our existing China facilities to supply our acute care partners with millions of gloves, gowns and surgical masks and thousands of coveralls. We have also leveraged long-standing relationships with the Chinese manufacturing community to source additional material and further mitigate potential PPE shortages.

Our approach in managing orders has also remained extremely hands-on, rather than allowing a first-come-first-serve situation. By preventing overbuying that could deplete inventories, we have successfully ensured product availability throughout the pandemic for health regions across the country.

Perhaps our most significant action in securing the supply of medical PPE for our North American partners has been the establishment of a domestic production facility in Cambridge, Ontario. This new facility will have sufficient capacity to produce all of Canada’s usual acute care face mask requirements with the ability to surge production significantly during pandemic or emergency events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought some of the most challenging times we have ever faced as a company, however our people have demonstrated unmatched agility, collaboration and fearlessness. Their dedication to their jobs has been unwavering, despite rapidly changing circumstances and new challenges daily, if not hourly. We’re more prepared than ever to continue serving healthcare workers globally with access to the highest quality medical PPE on the market.


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