Fentanyl Exposure Risks and the Importance of PPE

Exploring fentanyl risks for healthcare workers and first responders and PPE’s role in risk management and reduction Disposable gloves, masks, and gowns clearly indicate their protective capabilities to help provide a clear idea of what to expect when encountering traditional medical threat vectors—such as splashing fluids, chemical exposure, bacterial spread, or viral loads. But a… Read more »


Why PRIMED is a Respected Quality Leader in PPE

Exploring how each of PRIMED’s products are far more than a sum of their individual pieces. Healthcare workers, the patients they treat, and even the general public turn to PPE to protect themselves in a variety of environments. On a typical day, someone might change masks, gowns, gloves, and other common PPE items multiple times… Read more »


PPE Use After COVID-19 Vaccination

man with shirt rolled up receiving an injection from a medical professional in his upper arm

Why PPE use will remain a critical element in minimizing the spread of COVID-19, even months after the rollout of effective vaccines. After months of fast-tracked development and global collaboration, the first COVID-19 vaccines are starting to roll out in impressive numbers across the globe. Vaccines will be critical in winning the fight against COVID-19,… Read more »


Top to Bottom Coverage: The Role of Headwear and Shoe Coverings

From newscasts to fictional medical dramas, masks and gloves get most of the attention. But headwear and shoe covers play a critical role in infection control and protecting healthcare workers and patients alike. When it comes to preventing the spread of disease or protecting yourself or others’ health, you’d never think twice about grabbing a… Read more »


Optimizing Face Mask Protection Through Proper Sizing, Fit and Use

While ASTM ratings, material choices, and overall design can give you an indication of protection levels offered by a mask, ensuring proper mask fit is essential to maximizing protective benefits. Masks are an excellent example of how external factors can impact the performance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and why having a thorough understanding of… Read more »


Medical vs Non-Medical Masks: Considerations to Optimize Protection

two healthcare workers scrubbing in and wearing PPE

While all masks offer some level of protection, understanding what separates medical masks from non-medical masks is a critical consideration when sourcing PPE. Events in 2020 have thrust the protective benefits of medical masks and other PPE into the public spotlight. These events have required healthcare facilities to consider the best ways to protect their… Read more »


Considerations When Choosing Medical Gloves

glove standards

Materials and design have a huge impact on glove performance. If you’re looking to optimize both functionality and protection, be sure to consider these characteristics. Medical gloves are a critical part of safety and hygiene routines in medical facilities of all sizes. Recent events have also thrust hand hygiene protocols and the importance of PPE… Read more »


Optimizing Gown Protection Through Proper Donning and Doffing Procedures

medical professional wearing face mask, eye shield, gown, and gloves while recording chart information

Ensuring maximum protection every time with a simple routine to avoid contamination & exposure As one of the most commonly used pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize exposure to pathogens for healthcare workers, single-use gowns are an affordable, effective part of controlling infectious disease spread in healthcare facilities of any size. However, proper… Read more »